Can it fit in my suitcase?

There are so many aspects of the art culture that I have fallen in love with but none were as mobile as I need to be. Jewelry gives me the creative outlet I needed while I'm on the road with just a few pliers, some wire, and a sketch book. Then when I'm home I have a studio filled with fun projects!

My passion came from seeing so many creative pieces while traveling the world and loving the fact that I could take these miniature pieces of art where ever my adventures led me to next. I found myself wanting to make beautiful handmade artisan jewelry that would stir the soul! I feel like everyday I'm getting closer!

I also wanted those simple traditional everyday pieces that could go from day to night easily! I could find pieces I loved but over time the color would flake or turn my skin green. No thanks! By using high quality metals such as Argentium silver, sterling silver, and gold fill metals I can now make my designs a long lasting product that I believe in and can be proud of at an affordable price!

Mostly self taught, everyday is a learning experience and adventure! Everyone always asks what my favorite thing to make is and the answer is always the same. Mistakes! It is the very essence of how I grow as an artist and how new product lines are born. I never want to waste a thing so I either develop it into a new idea or send it back to be recycled.

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I truly hope you enjoy looking around my shop and I look forward to working with you!
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