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A lot of times in life you need that extra push, whether it's in Love, Believing, Trust, or to Dream this is the perfect bangle for you. Customizable with whatever word you need it fits light and comfortable.

Argentium Silver is used in this hand forged bangle. What is Argentium? Argentium is Sterling Silver that has been recycled, in the process they remove an additional amount of copper that is found in Sterling so it stays whiter brighter longer than traditional silver.

The silver piece on this bangle measures 2 inches long and 4 mm wide, the wire is 16 gauge and work hardened measured to fit your wrist.

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Measuring your wrist:
Take a piece of string and measure around the widest part of your hand when in a position to place a bangle on it, cone shaped. Cut String and measure with a ruler.

Sterling Silver Name/Word Bangles