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Draw the eyes with these hand cut Argentium silver arrowhead earrings. Cut out of 22 gauge Argentium silver sheet and textured with steel wool for a matted look. These arrowheads are hung off of 1.4mm gold filled chain with a gold filled ear wire. Arrowhead measures just over 2 inches and the with chain the whole earring measures just over 3 inches.

I use all the latest in high quality metals and materials to make sure your newest treasure is going to last a lifetime, unless you loose one in the couch or from a night on the town! But don't worry, I'll be here to replace it!

Argentium Silver is Sterling that has been recycled with an added alloy of Gernium, this keeps the silver whiter and brighter than your traditional sterling! Less Polishing!

Gold filled wire and metals are considered the new gold, much more affordable than your traditional gold but still a lifetime product! Anyone that can wear gold can wear gold filled without worries of allergies.

Mixed Metal Arrowhead Earrings

SKU: 0012
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