Dressed up or down these feather earrings pair easily with any outfit, from your favorite cowboy boots to your Jimmy Choo's! The Bright white of the Argentium Silver and the warm glow of the gold wire spine will stay your favorite pair of earrings for years to come.


Each feather is handcut by the artist out of 22 gauge silver and adorned with 18 gauge gold filled wire that completes the look of the spine. The gold filled spine can continue through the ear and curve down to right below the bottom of the feather or you may choose the small ear wires pictured first. Each feather measures 2.5 in total length and in 3/4 of an inch wide.


These are made to order for wholesale accounts, usually takes 1-2 weeks depending on metal stock. Feel free to send us a message to find out how quick they can be done!



Argentium Silver Feather Earrings

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